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Richard the Piano Tuner

Welcome to the website of Richard Roberts piano tuner and restorer - the first eco-service in town. Since 1998 I've been breathing new life into old pianos across London and the Thames Valley and I always arrive by bicycle.

I offer tuning, repairs and restoration for acoustic pianos of all types and ages in any condition. Many of the jobs you might have thought require the instrument to be taken to a piano workshop, I can carry out in situ in a matter of hours. Don't let anyone write your piano off until I've inspected it. Like my father and my great grand-father I enjoy helping tired antiques sing again - it might take me all day but the end result is immensely satisfying.

I can hear a piano in need from miles away so I carry my piano tuning tools wherever my bicycle and its adventures take me. I've revived pianos across Argentina, the USA, France, Wales and right across England from Margate to St Ives, from Portsmouth to Blackpool. Hearing the great need across the world, I've also helped to train new piano tuners, following in the footsteps of my father who has trained at least a dozen piano tuners and technicians to a very high standard, including myself and my younger brother who has a piano workshop in Texas.

My rates are £75/hour all inclusive so the total depends on your piano's condition, how well it was serviced in the past and what sort of environment it has been kept in. Due to extreme variations in these variables and how people communicate them I am unable to provide a quote without seeing the piano.

As a rough guide a well-maintained piano that I tune every year might require two hours per year of maintenance, whereas a piano that has not been tuned or serviced for decades might take me all day to get up and running again. It will need to be raised back up to the correct pitch - taking special precautions to avoid snapping strings this is always possible: my record pitch raise was a whopping seven semitones on a 160 year-old wooden-framed piano in Hackney - not one string broke and it now sounds great at concert pitch. It will then need to be tuned thoroughly and some or all of the following: free sticking notes, reface & realign hammers to bring back clarity of tone, dissassemble and clean out, adjust pedals, eliminate distracting sound effects, repair any broken parts, and patiently go through every note taking out lost motion and making adjustments to the mechanism to improve the piano's touch and responsiveness.

For an accurate quote I do offer a free inspection/quotation visits for all pianos in a five mile radius from Putney, and further afield for a reasonable fee. I'll need about half an hour to take the piano apart and have a good look - please enquire below.

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Richard the Piano Tuner
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